Our Progress

Achievements to date

2013. Support from Southampton City Council and site allocated.

2014. Registration with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

2014. Nick Hancock named as winner of the competition to design the monument.

2019. Planning permission granted.

2020. UK Government confirmed its support with £3m in match funding.

2021. Southampton City Council allocate £0.5m for specialist project management support.

2022. Fundraising continues to achieve the £6m total that will fully fund the project.

2024: Site works begin.

2025: Inauguration of the project.

Our Target

Marketing & Events £75,000
Structural Engineering & Detailed Design £700,000
Foundations £500,000
Platform Base £500,000
Spitfire £1,100,000
Vapour Trail Mast £1,100,000
Interactive Features £300,000
Other Main Structure Materials £400,000
Construction £350,000
Contingency £500,000
SUB TOTAL £5,250,000
Maintenance Fund £475,000
GRAND TOTAL £6,000,000