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The project already has the support of individuals and major businesses who are providing pro bono support to help bring the project to life.

John M Hannides B.A.(Hons.)

John M Hannides

As a serving Southampton City Councillor since 1994, John has played a major part in supporting the region’s aviation heritage and led the formation of the Cultural Development Trust, to promote maritime history and the arts.

“It’s a privilege to play a part in bringing this international landmark to Southampton, the home of the Spitfire. I’m delighted the Government has backed the project as the UK’s monument to the men and women who built, flew and maintained this iconic aircraft. The Spirit of the Spitfire stands tall as a beacon of hope, courage and engineering excellence. Virtues that are as relevant today as they were in Britain’s ‘darkest hour’ during the Battle of Britain in 1940.”


Southampton City Council

Southampton City Council have supported the Spitfire project with the allocation of land along the city’s waterfront with the monument being a centre-piece of a multi-million pound waterfront development. The Council has also confirmed its commitment to allocate up to £0.5m to fund specialist project management support including ground works and site investigation works.

HM Treasury Logo

HM Treasury

The Government has pledged £3m in match funding for the monument meaning they match every £1 donated from others up to the value of £3m.



Evolution5 supports a number of charities and provides sponsorship to sports teams and athletes who are based in the region. Therefore when Cllr John Hannides of the National Spitfire Project approached us about this exciting and challenging project we jumped at the chance to provide our complete Project Management services free of charge.

The project resonates with us as a Company but also with individuals within our team who have close family connections to the building of the Spitfire. We truly believe that it is an amazing opportunity to be able to contribute to something that means so much to the City of Southampton, where the Spitfire was designed, built and took its first flight all those years ago.

We are honoured to be part of such a dynamic team of individuals and organisations whose expertise is being kindly donated to a truly remarkable icon of innovation, courage and hope, that still warms the hearts of many who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her flying overhead.

Blake Morgan Solicitors

Blake Morgan Solicitors

"The decision to provide legal services to the National Spitfire Project on a pro bono basis was an easy one for us. When we met with Alan and John to hear more about the project, it was clear that the team had the required clarity and passion to deliver a tribute to a machine that evokes so much passion in us all. When the Spitfire is mentioned it stirs in all of us a sense of ownership and pride and we certainly wanted to be part of the team to deliver that.

Whilst the tribute will stand on Southampton waterfront, it is the fact that it is a tribute for Great Britain which caught our imagination. This links with our firm's ability to provide legal services beyond the Southern region, to all areas with a connection to the Spitfire. We are privileged to be working on this project with such an enthusiastic team and we shall look forward to the day she flies permanently over Southampton water."



BECG is excited to come on board to provide John and the team with PR and marketing support to promote the next phase of fundraising that will help bring the Spitfire monument to life. As local built environment experts with a passion for the city in which we work, we’re honoured to be a part of delivering not only a highly anticipated regeneration project for Southampton but also a spectacular monument that celebrates the true spirit of the Spitfire in no better place than its home city.

MindWorks Marketing

MindWorks Marketing

We heard about the National Spitfire Monument from our client, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. As a local company, it is part of our ethos to engage with local organisations and for us, it was an easy decision to get involved with the National Spitfire Project, providing public relations support on a pro bono basis.

All organistations have marketing and public relations objectives that they want to achieve; a nascent charity is no exception. It is our job to help turn these objectives into a reality with fresh ideas and effective support. Success is what we are here for.

With the National Spitfire Project we are raising awareness, developing marketing material, managing their digital footprint and developing their brand. We have 30 in-house specialists, including digital developers, creatives, account handlers and a production department that are all focused on delivering the right work at the right time.

Our offices by the sea on the South Coast gives us a peaceful environment that allows us to focus on delivering the best work possible for our clients.

MindWorks - together we make it happen every single day.

Royston Smith Gm Mp

Royston Smith GM MP

“The iconic Spitfire was instrumental in defending our country during WW2 but particularly during the Battle of Britain. This country and our lives would have been very different but for the heroism of the young pilots who bravely took to the skies in R J Mitchell's magnificent feat of engineering. We are proud to call Southampton the home of the Spitfire and I am grateful to the Government for trusting us to deliver this project and for supporting it by match funding donations with £3m from Treasury."

Sir Ralph Robbins

Sir Ralph Robins | Former Chairman and CEO of Rolls Royce

“When we think about the fantastic Spitfire aircraft we also think about the Merlin engine, produced by Rolls Royce, that took the aircraft successfully to the skies. The relationship between the iconic Spitfire and Rolls Royce is an integral part of the companies history, so when I heard about the national Spitfire project I wanted to pledge my support. The Spitfire symbolises perseverance, ingenuity and national pride and it will be wonderful to see this embodied in a fitting monument in pride of place in the Spitfire’s home city of Southampton for the nation to enjoy for years to come.”

Sir Colin Terry

Sir Colin Terry | Former RAF Air Marshal, Chief Engineer and Commander in Chief and the Air Force Board Member for Logistics

“The Spitfire means so much to not only those who have served and are serving in the Royal Air Force but to the nation. The pilots of the Spitfire are renowned for their pivotal role in the Battle of Britain and inspired generations to become pilots themselves. As an RAF veteran I pledge my support to the Spitfire monument which will serve as not only homage to the memory of those brave pilots but also to inspire future generations.”

Tony Edwards


"I am very pleased to endorse and support the National Spitfire Memorial at the aircraft’s birthplace, Southampton. During the War, the Spitfire symbolised the spirit of the British people, the spirit to never, never give in. It is entirely appropriate that this British icon has a permanent memorial."

Paul Lester CBE

Paul Lester CBE | Chairman of McCarthy Stone, Readypower, Marley, FirstPort and Apello. Former Chief Executive of VT Group plc

“I’m delighted to support the Spitfire monument in the city of Southampton. The Spitfire inspired a nation and we hope the monument will inspire a nation to honour its history and inspire future generations to never forget the significance of this awe inspiring aircraft.”